The Ultimate HANDS-FREE Floor Stand Viewer for Apple's iPad and Virtually ANY Cell Phone


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Take your iPad or Cell Phone to a whole new level!

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The ViewMeister is a Fully-Adjustable Hands-Free Floor Stand Viewer & Reader for Apple's iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and virtually any Cell Phone or SmartPhone on the market today!  The ViewMeister allows you to lay in bed and watch movies, TV shows, or videos on your iPad, iPod Touch, and virtually ANY Cell Phone - Hands-Free!  360 degree viewing flexibility accommodates viewing from any angle.  Use it at your desk, next to the couch, or next to your favorite living room chair.  Keep your device mounted on the ViewMeister while you're in bed for easy access.


The ViewMeister makes a GREAT gift for viewers of ALL ages!




The ViewMeister iPad is ONLY $49.99!

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Sharper Image sells a VERY similar iPad floor stand for $159.99!


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 This iPad floor stand offers the same hands-free viewing as the ViewMeister for $319.99!!!